Sony raises PlayStation Plus prices by $40 extra like it’s no big deal

Well, strap in, gamers! Sony’s decided to crank up the price of its annual PlayStation Plus subscriptions, and we’re talking a whopping increase of up to 40 dollars. This comes hot on the heels of Microsoft’s own cash grab with their Game Pass subscription prices. Starting September 6th, Sony’s going to be reaching deeper into your pockets. The Essential PlayStation Plus plan, which used to be a manageable $60 per year, will now set you back $80. The Extra plan? That’s getting a $35 hike, bringing its annual cost to a cool $135. And hold onto your DualShock controllers for this one – the Premium plan’s price is rocketing from $120 to $160! Image: KnowYourMeme But don’t start smashing your consoles just yet. If you’re already a PlayStation Plus user, these price changes won’t hit you until your next renewal date, as long as it’s on or after November 6th. But beware, if you decide to switch up your plan between September 6th and your renewal date, you’ll be hit with the new pricing. Sony’s still keeping mum about any changes to the monthly or quarterly subscription costs. They’re sticking to their guns that, despite the price hike, the annual subscription is still the best bang for your buck compared to the monthly or quarterly options. Subscription PlanPrice in USDPrice in EuroPrice in GBPPrice in YenEssential 12-Month$79.99€71.99£59.99¥6,800Extra 12-Month$134.99€125.99£99.99¥11,700Premium 12-Month$159.99€151.99£119.99¥13,900 If you’ve got some spare change lying around, you might want to think about extending your existing subscriptions at the current…Sony raises PlayStation Plus prices by $40 extra like it’s no big deal

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