Microsoft says they’re sunsetting Windows 10 in 2025

Yesterday, Microsoft dropped some big news about its flagship operating system. Like the Scarlet Witch of Marvel Comics, they basically said, “No more Windows 10.” That’s right, Microsoft will no longer support it starting October 14th, 2015. Back in 2014, when Windows 10 got its name, many people were confused. Why did Microsoft opt to skip from Windows 8 directly to Windows 10? Was nine a number of evil in Japan? Image: Windows Business insider Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet considered that it was named such a monumental number “because they wanted to signify that the coming Windows release would be the last ‘major’ Windows update.” Instead of large updates and changes, Windows would focus on smaller, more concise patches over time. We were happy with that potential explanation. The whiplash of Windows versions over the years, going from hot to cold over and over, gave us fatigue. Then, they announced Windows 11 in 2021—those bastards. Windows 10 is dead. Long live Windows 10 Image: KnowTechie Microsoft gave a roadmap update this week, explaining that update 22H2 will be the last. That’s great that we have a clear end date. But remember that whiplash from earlier? If you have updated your Windows 10 PC anytime since October 2022, you have 22H2. The last major update was six months ago, and you never knew. The good news is that we will continue to get security patches and basic updates until October 2025. The bad news is that many machines out there…Microsoft says they’re sunsetting Windows 10 in 2025

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