New Twitch program boosts higher payouts, but there’s a catch

Twitch has been having a weird month. Earlier in June, they announced a new set of guidelines that caused a huge uproar. The new guidelines would ban sponsored advertising from streamers and would have only allowed 3% of screen space to be your logo. After a backlash and threats of streamers abandoning the platform, they rolled it back. Now, this week, they’re announcing a new Partners Plus program. Image: KnowTechie The Partner Plus program will offer a 70/30 split (in favor of streamers) for those that maintain specific numbers. This new program effectively only really caters to the top streamers out there. The Twitch Partner Plus program is for the top of the top streamers In their post, Twitch chief monetization officer Mike Minton went into detail about how the new program works. Streamers that can maintain a sub count of at least 350 recurring paid subscriptions qualify for the Partner Plus program. However, they need to maintain this count for a minimum of three consecutive months. Those who qualify will receive a 70% share of their net subscription revenue, up to a maximum of $100,000 annually. Anyone that can’t hit those numbers gets the same old 50/50 split that already exists. If the streamer under the program hits $100,000 in a year, any additional share gets the same 50/50 split. There is another thing to note for smaller streamers and those that rely on people getting Amazon Prime gift subscriptions. PC Gamer mentioned in their article that gift subscriptions…New Twitch program boosts higher payouts, but there’s a catch

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