OpenAI May Be in Big Legal Trouble

Copyright Conundrum Last week, a number of high-profile authors — including George R. R. Martin of “Game of Thrones” fame and the acclaimed legal novelist John Grisham — filed a lawsuit against OpenAI, alleging that its ChatGPT chatbot is infringing their copyright by directly drawing on work. And according to legal experts, they may actually have a decent chance of winning the case. “If anyone is going to win on the straight-up copyright infringement claims against OpenAI, this is probably the lawsuit that has the best chance of it,” James Grimmelmann, a digital and information law professor at Cornell University Law School, told ABC News. Pandora’s Box It’s a thorny legal battle that will likely drag on for quite some time. Complicating matters significantly is the secrecy with which OpenAI shrouds what exactly ChatGPT is doing. We don’t know exactly what data it’s ingesting, or what it’s doing with it all — a confusion, gallingly, that’s likely shared by its own researchers. “The big claim is that the ingestion of works of authorship as training data is itself a reproduction of the works,” Pamela Samuelson, a professor at the University of California, told ABC. In simple terms, the allegation is that OpenAI is infringing copyright simply by scanning the authors’ works and training its algorithms with them. But is it even copying books, or simply scanning them without ever technically reproducing them? While the distinction may sound pedantic, that’s the kind of thing lawyers will be combing over to prepare…OpenAI May Be in Big Legal Trouble

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