Why is my Blink camera blinking green

If you’ve got a Blink Mini camera, you might have noticed a green light flashing on the front. This could be for various reasons, and we’ll walk you through what to resolve them. Whether it’s connectivity issues inside your network, or ones outside your walls, we’ll show you what to look for and what to do about it. These are basic troubleshooting tips that won’t require any specialized knowledge or equipment, so let’s begin! How to troubleshoot Blink camera blinking green light issues To get your Blink camera working properly again, we’ve got some troubleshooting to do. The first place to start is to check connectivity. Check for internet Outage Image: KnowTechie The first thing you should do is check for internet outages in your area.  Just open any website on your PC or smartphone and see if your home network is working. If not, check for outages with your internet provider and report it not working. Check for server-side issues Open the app Open the Blink Home Monitor app on your smartphone. Try to log in Enter your account credentials to try and log in. If you can’t… If you get a message like System is busy, please wait, that could mean the Blink servers are having issues. Double check with another service To double-check, head over to DownDetector and see what it says about Blink Security. All you can do in this case is to wait. As soon as Blink has servers back online, the green flashing light…Why is my Blink camera blinking green

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