OpenAI Rages at Report That Google's New AI Crushes GPT-4

Clash of the TAItans Buttons? Pressed. Over the weekend, researchers Dylan Patel and Daniel Nishball, who together write a semiconductor blog called SemiAnalysis, published a controversial post declaring that Google’s secretive upcoming AI model, dubbed Gemini, is about to blow OpenAI’s GPT-4 out of the water. According to the blog — brusquely titled “Google Gemini Eats The World — Gemini Smashes GPT-4 By 5X, The GPU-Poors” — Google’s expansive infrastructure of advanced GPUs gives the Silicon Valley stalwart and its next-gen model a leg up over the latest iteration of OpenAI’s GPT-4. Which, as conversations across sites like X-formerly-Twitter and Hacker News made clear, is a contentious take. Does more computing power really equal a better AI model? It’s a fascinating question, and some online debates got heated. But no one, it seems, was more perturbed by the statements in the blog than OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, who took to X-formerly-Twitter on Monday to scoff at the researchers’ analysis. “Incredible Google got that SemiAnalysis guy to publish their internal marketing/recruiting chart,” Altman wrote in the post, referring to an infrastructure chart included in the blog. His signoff to the message: “lol.” Meme Team Patel, one of the blog authors, didn’t take Altman’s critiques lying down, and on Tuesday hit back with an X post of his own. “Sundar to the GPU-poors,” the researcher captioned the post, which included an NSFW meme of Google-owning Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai appearing to force-feed milk to Altman. “The data is from a supplier of Google,”…OpenAI Rages at Report That Google's New AI Crushes GPT-4

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