Redesigned Fitbit app starts rolling out globally

Yesterday, Fitbit not only teased what is likely its Charge 6 tracker on its official X (formerly Twitter) account but also rolled out the newly redesigned Fitbit app.  The Fitbit app has kept pretty much the same design for years, even though the company added new features occasionally. A redesign was necessary after the company eliminated all the social aspects of its app. So, Fitbit has finally redesigned its app, which is now rolling out globally to Android and iOS users.  Google went over all the key features of the new Fitbit app and what makes the redesign special in a blog post.   Source: Fitbit What are the changes in the new Fitbit app?  Besides the redesign, the biggest change is in the use of space. The app is categorized under three tabs — Today, Coach, and You. Source: Fitbit The app previously featured four tabs for years — Today, Discover, Community, and Premium. As most of the “Community” aspects have been removed, keeping it doesn’t make any sense.  In the new design, it’s obvious what each tab means.  The Today tab shows what you have done, rounding up your steps, sleep, and other activity tracks. Here, you can also track your diet, mood, or other stats you’re trying to keep an eye on.  Source: Fitbit On the other hand, the Coach tab is for workouts. And lastly, with the You tab, you control all your data, change your personal goals, and track your long-term achievements. Source: Fitbit Most importantly,…Redesigned Fitbit app starts rolling out globally

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