Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 leaks less than a month after Z Flip 5 launch

Samsung just launched the Galaxy Z Flip 5 late last month with the giant cover display being one of the few major upgrades. However, the flip phone still has the dual 12MP + 12MP camera setup.  GalaxyClub has some good news for the Galaxy Z Flip fans. According to the news outlet, the Korean tech giant is already in the early stages of testing the Galaxy Z Flip 6, reportedly with a prototype 50MP main camera. We have no concrete confirmation on this, and it’s a pretty early leak. So, Samsung may end up ditching this 50MP sensor and stick to the 12MP camera.  If Samsung does end up using this 50MP primary sensor on next year’s Galaxy Z Flip 6, it would be a game changer for the Korean company and the Galaxy Z Flip series.  Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 desperately needs a camera upgrade  Image: KnowTechie Samsung introduced the 12MP primary camera with the first Galaxy Z Flip model back in 2020. Last year, Samsung did improve the primary camera with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 by adding a larger sensor for better low-light photography, but it stuck to the 12MP resolution.  Samsung’s rival OPPO Find N2 Flip already offers a 50MP primary camera, and this year it’s likely to improve further with the OPPO Find N3 Flip, pushing Samsung into a corner.  There are also several advantages of using high-resolution sensors. Due to the higher resolution, the sensors are able to deliver cleaner, brighter shots in…Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 leaks less than a month after Z Flip 5 launch

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