Sony’s game-changing QD-OLED TVs come with a price tag to match

Sony has revealed just how much streamers, gamers, and movie fans will have to pay if they want to grab one of the brand’s newest and best TVs this year. On Monday, Sony announced its new line of A95L QD-OLED TVs will become available for pre-order on August 21st, with three models offered at various price points: A 55-inch model will cost $2,800 (or $4,000 in Canada) A 65-inch model will cost $3,500 (or $5,000 in Canada) A 75-inch model will cost $5,000 (or $8,000 in Canada) Sony typically announces new TV models at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but the electronic maker decided this year to delay its announcement for two months. It wasn’t entirely clear why Sony decided to unveil the TV sets in March, but they come with a number of incremental improvements. Image: KnowTechie First, the top-of-the-line A95L will offer a new feature called XR Clear Image, which will detect the video quality and resolution of source material like TV shows, movies, and video games, and improve the quality of the video on the fly if it is needed. Sony states that this feature enhances the resolution of lower-quality videos, like high-definition movies, standard-definition TV shows, and older video games without 4K support. It brings them up to the level of actual 4K video quality, as expected by streamers and video game enthusiasts. Sony is also bringing a new game menu that will offer auto HDR tone mapping and auto genre picture mode…Sony’s game-changing QD-OLED TVs come with a price tag to match

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