Twitter X CEO changes username; trolls immediately snag it

The hits just keep coming for X, the company formerly known as Twitter. In recent months, Elon Musk named Linda Yaccarino as the company’s new CEO. She seems just as intelligent and capable as Elon himself. However, she decided to change her long-time username on the platform and asked the public what she should choose. She had the account @lindayaccs. In the end, she went with @lindayaX as a play on the words of her old username and new position. What she didn’t take into account, somehow, is that someone was going to snag that username the second it was available. The internet, and especially Twitter, is a silly place And snag it, they did. Some relatively non-malicious trolls grabbed the username and have been having a field day with it. Image: KnowTechie In order to keep compliant with Twitter/X rules, they immediately put the word “PARODY” in multiple places. Linda’s new parody title is “Future Chief Executive Officer of XVideos Parody Official.” But, the X is the Unicode version to match the actual logo of the site. Then, the troll(s) pro]ceeded to make hilarious posts. “Hello fellow Reptilians!” adorns one of the few posts. The link in the bio now points to the porn site Yes, it’s NSFW if you click on it. It’s a porn site. Parody Linda even offered a poll to start the joke. “Let’s revert back to Twitter! Who’s with me?” with two options of “Yes” and “Yes.” It’s highly likely that this account…Twitter X CEO changes username; trolls immediately snag it

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