Wear OS 4 is official, but only on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series 

Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 6 series recently at Galaxy Unpacked 2023. Besides the new colors and tracking features, there are two notable improvements with the Watch 6 series.  Samsung has increased the screen real-estate slightly, and the Classic variant is back with the fan-favorite rotating bezels. And with the Galaxy Watch 6 series, Samsung has also debuted Wear OS 4.  Galaxy Watch 6: First smartwatch powered by Google’s Wear OS 4  Image: Samsung Wear OS 4 is live, and Samsung’s Galaxy smartwatches are the first to receive Google’s latest Wear OS version. It’s a disappointing time for users of the Google Pixel Watch users, who have all the right to be upset.  When Google officially releases a new Android upgrade, Google Pixel smartphone users are the first to receive them. So, by that logic, Pixel watch users were expecting to be the first to get the new Wear OS 4 update. Who knew Google would roll out the new update to a different manufacturer before releasing it for its own customers?  It looks like Samsung has the upper hand in the close partnership between the Korean tech giant and Google, which may have been why the Galaxy Watch 6 series got the update before the Pixel Watch. Meanwhile, 9to5Google has revealed a new Wear OS build for the Pixel Watch with version number TWD4.230609.006.B2. According to the outlet, Google let this information slip, and it refers to a Wear OS 4 build based on Android 13, up from the…Wear OS 4 is official, but only on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series 

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