Your YouTube homepage could soon go blank – here’s why

YouTube has decided to hit the refresh button on its homepage, but not in the way you’d expect. The video-sharing giant has announced that it will now display a blank homepage if your watch history is turned off, as reported by The Verge. YouTube says the new layout is part of a “new viewer experience,” and will only feature the search bar, along with the Shorts, Subscriptions, and Library buttons. .stk-b65e29b{box-shadow:0 0 0 2px rgba(120,120,120,0.1) !important}.stk-b65e29b-container{background-color:#f3f3f3 !important}.stk-b65e29b-container:before{background-color:#f3f3f3 !important} .stk-fff85bd{margin-left:-20px !important}.stk-fff85bd .stk–svg-wrapper .stk–inner-svg svg:last-child{opacity:0.7 !important}.stk-fff85bd .stk–svg-wrapper .stk–inner-svg svg:last-child,.stk-fff85bd .stk–svg-wrapper .stk–inner-svg svg:last-child :is(g,path,rect,polygon,ellipse){fill:var(–stk-global-color-56583,#911d9c) !important} .stk-75422ff{margin-left:-17px !important}.stk-75422ff .stk-block-text__text{font-size:16px !important;font-weight:300 !important;font-style:normal !important;font-family:”Golos Text”,Sans-serif !important}@media screen and (max-width:1023px){.stk-75422ff .stk-block-text__text{font-size:16px !important}}Starting today, if you have YouTube watch history off and have no significant prior watch history, features that require watch history to provide video recommendations will be disabled – like your YouTube home feed. This means that starting today, your home feed may look a lot different: you’ll be able to see the search bar and the left-hand guide menu, with no feed of recommended videos thus allowing you to more easily search, browse subscribed channels and explore Topic tabs instead. This could be a breath of fresh air for those tired of wading through a sea of extreme thumbnails, but it could also be a clever ploy to nudge users into reactivating their watch history. Android Authority notes that the change has already begun and will reach all users in the next few months. The move has been met with mixed reviews, with some users…Your YouTube homepage could soon go blank – here’s why

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