YouTube Shorts rips off another Instagram and TikTok feature

YouTube introduced the “YouTube Shorts” back in 2020. It was a sure-fire hit that followed the short vertical video trend. Now, the company is adding a couple of brand-new features to YouTube Shorts, which are very similar to those that Instagram Reels and TikTok offer. Six new YouTube Shorts features for the creators Yesterday, YouTube announced six new features for YouTube Shorts. The primary addition is the feature named “Collab.”  It enables users the ability to record a Short in a side-by-side format with an existing YouTube clip. Although both Instagram and TikTok have been offering this feature for a while.  Image: KnowTechie The company has also announced a new Q&A sticker function. It enables the audience to ask you questions, and of course, you are allowed to respond via the commence section or with another Short. Again, it is quite similar to Instagram and TikTok’s features.  On the other hand, the Google-owned company is also trying to make creating Shorts easier from the existing content. So, the company is offering new tools to the creators to help them convert landscape videos into Short.  The other notable additions to YouTube Shorts are the ability to save Shorts to a playlist, the ability to copy effects and audio in a blink from another clip, and the live videos in the Shorts feed. Either way, it is clear that YouTube is turning a new leaf using its competition’s handbook. Have any thoughts on this? Drop us a line below in the comments,…YouTube Shorts rips off another Instagram and TikTok feature

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