Casting media to the Pixel Tablet just got a whole lot easier

Google already has a way to cast media from Pixel smartphones to the Pixel tablet, but it isn’t simple enough. The procedure involves a few steps, which aren’t quite convenient.  So, it’s no wonder Google is working to simplify the process.  Google’s new way of casting media from phone to tablet Android expert Mishaal Rahman discovered an introduction screen for a new Pixel Tablet feature in collaboration with AssembleDebug and posted the video on X, formerly Twitter.  Google is working on letting you cast media to your Pixel Tablet just by holding your phone in front of it!Here's the introduction screen for this feature.Thanks to @AssembleDebug for the tip!— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) August 10, 2023 The new feature is Google’s new way of casting media to your tablet from your smartphone. According to the video, the new way of media casting is more advanced, and it will let you cast simply by holding the smartphone in front of the tablet.  It will be a superb new addition if it materializes. However, whether the new feature uses the Pixel Tablet’s ultra-wideband (UWB) chip, NFC taps, or Bluetooth proximity is unclear.  Although Rahman has added that if the feature uses the UWB chip, it would be the first unique use of the chip, as it is currently only used for Nearby Share. Image: Google Additionally, Rahman said Android 13 already has a UI for the media “Tap to Transfer” feature. But in this case, Google Play Services handles the transfer, not…Casting media to the Pixel Tablet just got a whole lot easier

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